2019 Von Der Linn Family Reunion

Von Der Linn Family Reunion

Descendants of George VDL and Salome Busch, who immigrated from Clausen, Germany, in 1852

April 27, 2019

Long Island NY


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Videos of people introducing themselves

Sorry we didn't capture everyone!

Karen Story, Bob VDL, and Jim VDL

Pat Conran and Greg Conran

Pete and Michael VDL


Lauren Agnelli

Siblings John and Doris VDL

Two Kathleen VDLs (both are VDLs by marriage)


Forty four attendees! Is anyone missing? (See labeled version, below.) You may have to scroll side to side to see everyone.

Attendees with names

Great grandchildren of George (1st cousins): Pat Conran, Jim Von Der Linn, John Von Der Linn (children of Marcella, Arthur, and Milton)

2nd great grandchildren of George: Eric VDL, James VDL, Lauren Agnelli, Mark Agnelli, Carrie Agnelli, Greg Conran, Chris Conran, John A. VDL, Tom VDL, Karen Story, Kelly Gallant, David VDL, Pete VDL, Susan VDL, Michael VDL, Bob VDL, Doris VDL, Jean Ballantyne

3rd great grandchildren of George: Maddy VDL, Traci Goldsborough, Charlie McKenna, Catarina Conran, Samantha McKenna, Zoe VDL, Nancy VDL, Kylie Ortega, Kelsey VDL, Ava VDL

4th great grandchildren of George: Gianna Goldsborough and Lauren Indimine

Two John VDLs

First cousins Peter Von Der Linn and Kelly Gallant

John VDL with sons Eric and James (Brian couldn't attend)

James VDL and friend JoAna

Kathy, Zoe, Donna

John, Kelsey, Bob

Doris, John, Tom

Traci with mom, Caterina, and daughter Gianna

Jed and Pat Conran

Maddy and Jamie VDL

Jim VDL and niece Lauren Agnelli

3rd cousins David VDL and Bob VDL

Sisters Traci and Nancy with mom, Caterina

Fraternal twins Chris and Greg Conran with Greg's daughter, Catarina

Dan, Carrie, Samantha, and Charlie McKenna

Brothers Peter and Michael VDL

Two James Von Der Linns

Michael and Peter VDL and families

Siblings: Mark, Carrie, Lauren

Siblings Samantha and Charlie McKenna with Charlie's friend Stefanie (center)

Donna, Zoe, David, Kylie, Ava, Annie

Susan Ortega, Kylie Ortega, Ava Von Der Linn, Annie Von Der Linn

Conran and VDL table

Agnelli table

Descendants of Anthony table

Not Able to Attend

Brian Von Der Linn at his restaurant in Freeport, called Liberty Links.

Christine Harrington (Eugene Marley > Marcella Marley > Frank VDL > George VDL) with husband Glenn and sons Evan and Sean. Photo 2013.

Sean Harrington, Colin Story, Karen Story, Jim Von Der Linn, Ian Story

Sean Harrington, fiancee Paola, Jim Von Der Linn

Chris Harrington, Pipersville PA

Elizabeth Mae Harrington, born 2018 (Evan's daughter)

Wayne Horsman family, Columbia MD

Gwen Horsman (with Karen Story's husband, Grant Erwin)

Wayne and Lynda Horsman

Emma, Denise, Casey, and Mark VDL, Scottsdale AZ

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