Our Camper Van

Karen and Grant's Camper Van

Our 2004 Chevy Express gets 17 miles per gallon.

Remove rear seats, build 3-piece plywood platform with metal legs.

When we're not on the road, the platform sections stack to form shelves that store all our camping gear.

The platform is covered with a queen-size mattress (foam camping pads plus memory foam topper). In the back of the van are a cooler, folding table, clothes, clothesline, and dressing area. We can sit on the bed without our heads touching the ceiling. We can even cook back here in a pinch (we put the stove on the cooler and open the rear windows for ventilation).

Passenger side doors access pantry box, 2-burner propane stove, dishes, garbage can, dish tubs

Driver's side doors access camp chairs, firewood bin, crate with 4 gallons of water, tools (behind water), EZ-up canopy

Plastic tub between front seats holds maps, journals, binoculars, and all the little stuff we need during the day.

At night we put the lid on the box and it becomes our night stand.

A popup canopy provides shelter from rain and sun.