Karen Story

aka "Comma Momma"

What types of documents do I edit?

 Brochures, proposals, reports

What types of editing do I do?

 Developmental editing
 Line or copy editing

Not sure what you need? I'm happy to chat.

What are my credentials?

Twenty-five years as a technical writer and editor allowed me to hone my craft. Now I am retired and do editing "just for fun," because I really love it. Since I'm not editing to earn a living, my rates are low.

Previous editing projects include novels, travel stories, and memoirs:

  The Future Was Looking Up - Philip Moylan (aviation history)
  From Shaw Island to the Black Sea - Carole Davis (travel stories)
  From Shaw Island to the Zambezi - Carole Davis (travel stories)
  The Last Black Sheep: The Story of Ed Harper - Russ Stromberg (memoir)
  Nina's Vermeer - Gabriel Jacobs (fiction)
  Kari's Bog - Ingrid Osterhaug (memoir)

References available on request.

For more information

I'm happy to edit a sample chapter. Please contact me if you'd like to chat: karen "at" nwnative.us.

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