We live in Washington State

We live near Seattle

We live 200 km from the Pacific Ocean

Karen's sons Colin (left) and Ian.

Grant's son Nick.

Grant's daughter Alex.

Our house

Our kitchen -- we love to cook

Our family room

Our dining room

Our living room has a gas fireplace for chilly winter nights (it doesn't get too cold where we live).

Karen loves to garden.

Flowers and raspberries

Rhubarb from our garden

Our patio, surrounded by fruit trees

Karen building the patio (with a young Colin).

Karen building a shed to store her garden tools.

Karen cutting wood for a garden wall.

Our town is called Kirkland. It's a beautiful small city on a big lake. We live two km from the lake.

There are concerts in the park in the summer.

The Kirkland waterfront.

Our lake.

Seattle is on the other side of the lake.

There are mountains all around us. These are the Olympic Mountains, about 150 kms away.

Downtown Seattle and the Space Needle. Mt. Rainier is a 4400-meter volcano, 150 kms away.

Many ferry boats go across salt-water Puget Sound from Seattle.

Grant is a hobby machinist. He built this crane to lift heavy machines.

He buys old machines, fixes them up, and sells them. He used to own this old crane truck.

Grant's milling machine.

Grant's lathe.

Grant with his father, brother, and sisters.

Karen volunteers to build hiking trails in the mountains. Here she is helping to build a log bridge across a river.

Karen cutting a log that fell across a hiking trail.

Hiking in to do trail work.

Karen likes to cross country ski and snowshoe in the mountains in the winter.

Karen hiking in the mountains.

Volunteering to remove invasive plants along a trail in Kirkland.

Karen helped build this trail in a park in Kirkland.

Karen singing and playing guitar in a rock and roll band.

Karen's family. She has two younger brothers and two younger sisters.

Our camping van.

It has a comfortable bed and camping equipment. We have driven to many places in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Camping in Yosemite National Park in California.