Von Der Linn Family Genealogy

Von Der Family Reunion 2019, Long Island NY

Von Der Linn Family Reunion

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Von Der Linn Family Slides

Von Der Linn Genealogy

Simplified VDL history for descendants of Frank and Barbara

Von Der Linn Family Tree

Descendants of Johann George Von Der Linn Word document

Descendants of Johann George Von Der Linn in chart form

The following Clausen municipal record books are gold mines; they are in German but are easy to understand once you learn a few basic terms; Google Translate works great:

Clausen Municipal Records 1466-1806. Search for Vonderlin.

Clausen Municipal Records 1807-1875. Search for Vonderlin. (Vonderlin family section starts on page 220.)

Jim Von Der Linn 70th birthday video. Note: we now know that we are not from the town of Linn, and Otto is not our ancestor, alas.

Heil-Van Ostrand Genealogy

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Catalyntje Trico

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