Von Der Linn Family Slides & Photos

Von Der Linn Family Slides

There are some duplicates, since David and I scanned some of the same slides.

Let me know if you have any questions or see any problems. Send me any corrections to dates, names, etc. (To find the file name, right click on the picture and select "View image info.")

These are big files and can be slow to load, so I broke them up into categories.

Jim and Kathy Dating and Marriage

New York before Marriage

Jim and Kathy's Wedding and 25th Anniversary

Jim and Kathy's Honeymoon

Individual Von Der Kid Pictures







1975 Road Trip to New York

New York Relatives and Friends

Miscellaneous Pictures of Mom


King Family

Boeing Work and Travel

Disneyland 1971

Hawaii 1982 with David and Mark

Lake Chelan 1994

Hot Air Balloon Ride, and Mt. Rainier Train with Grandma Heddy

Lake Cushman (more pics in the "Miscellaneous" links below

Jim and Kathy Trips

Hawaii 1984

Great Britain 1985 with Bob and Colleen Fox

San Juans 1989

Germany 1989 with Aunt Barbara and Gene

Lake Quinault 1994/5 New Years

Cabo San Lucas 1995 with Cliffords

Other Trips, including Australia

Family Group Pictures, Newport Hills House, and More

Part 1 General Family Pictures

Part 2 General Family Pictures (includes Tom & Jane road trip)

Part 3 General Family Pictures

Part 4 General Family Pictures

Part 5 General Family Pictures