Grant Erwin's project page

Updated May 2016

On this page you will find links to little pieces I have written about projects I've done.

A Small Sharpening Table

Two Ways To Balance Bench Grinder Wheels

A Simpler Toe Jack Design

What's Better Than An Engine Hoist?

Making A Shaper Crank Wrench

Reworking An Import 20" Drill Press

My Latest Welding Table

Making tee nuts as a first shaper project

Restoring An Italian Cold Saw

New workbenches with lots of storage drawers

My Horizontal Offset Trailer Smoker Build

A Big Improvement For A 7x12 Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw

A Humble Bench Grinder

My Ever-Evolving Gantry Crane

The Modular Tube Dolly

Unigrinders - A Joint Project to build knifemaking belt grinders

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