Von Der Linn Family Genealogy

Family Tree on Ancestry.com

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Von Der Linn Family Reunion

Von Der Linn Family Reunion, April 2019

Von Der Linn-Heil Genealogy

Von Der Linn - Heil Family History book (pdf to download or read online)

Purchase a paperback copy of the Von Der Linn - Heil Family History book

Photos of Arthur and Ethel

Ethel Heil's scrapbook

The following books are gold mines; they are in German but are easy to understand once you learn a few basic terms; Google Translate works great:

Clausen Municipal Records 1466-1806. Search for Vonderlin.

Clausen Municipal Records 1807-1875. Search for Vonderlin. (Vonderlin family section starts on page 220.)

Donovan-Meyer Genealogy

Donovan-Meyer Family History book (pdf to download or read online)

Purchase a paperback copy of the Donovan-Meyer Family History book

Photos of Ray and Heddy Donovan's families

Photos from Joe Donovan Jr.

Skibbereen (Ireland) photos and audio clips

Pictures of Ahiohill (Ireland) and Kusel and Rammelsbach (Germany)

James Arthur Von Der Family

Von Der Linn Family Slides

Jim Von Der Linn 70th birthday video. Note: we don't know for sure whether we are in fact from the town of Linn, but it certainly seems plausible. It is unlikely that Otto was our ancestor, as he was a nobleman, and we were likely serfs.

The First 25 Years: Jim and Kathy Von Der Linn 25th Wedding Anniversary Video made by David Von Der Linn

Cougar Mt. and Newport Hills Videos

Flying the 747 (Jim Von Der Linn, Boeing Flight Technical Manager, interviewed for KIRO TV mid-1980s(?) about the simulator program)

Jim Von Der Linn Memorial Service Aug. 6, 2021

Dad's Memories, audio files