Grant and Karen's Recipes

Some Of Our Favorite Recipes

Savory Dishes

Arabian Squash Cheese Casserole
baked beans
baked cod
Ban mi - Vietnamese sandwiches
basic meat marinade
basic stir fry
Bean Soup in Instant Pot
Beggars Dal
Cuban black beans
butternut squash fries
Cabbage roll casserole
sweet potato fries Cajun style
cauliflower in cheese sauce
chicken curry
chicken fried steak
chicken pot pie
chicken tacos
chicken with greens
chili con carne
collard greens southern style
cornmeal mush
Sonoran style creamed poblanos
Creole dressing
Croque Monsieur sandwiches
Cuban pork roast
curry Goa style
chana dal + two cumin rice
two-cumin rice
discada - the recipe
dolmathes - stuffed grape leaves
dressing, sage and onion
eggplant moussaka
falafel sandwiches
fish chowder
fish tacos
galettes - savory buckwheat crepes
garlic bread
green beans French style
hobo stew
Indian cauliflower kidney bean stew
Italian sausage soup
Jojos (oven-roasted potato wedges)
lasagna crock pot style
Lemongrass Chicken, grilled
Lentil Eggplant Stew
machaca - string beef
palak paneer
Cuban picadillo
pork braised with Italian prune plums
pork ragout
quiche that makes its own crust
red beans and rice
refried beans
Sage and Onion Stuffing (Dressing)
salmon on the grill
sauerbraten (German pot roast)
John Hinterburger's clam spaghetti
Spanish rice
spinach enchiladas
spinach lasagne
stuffed cabbage rolls Hungarian style
tuna melt Grant style
zahra - roasted cauliflower in tahini/garlic sauce


bean salad with pomegranate molasses
chickpea salad
Mexican street corn salad
cranberry jello salad
corn avocado salad cucumber-yogurt salad
falafel salad
farro salad
festive Waldorf salad
Potato salad
taco salad
tzatziki (cucumber yogurt salad)
white bean salad

Baked Goods

baking powder biscuits
black bread (bread machine)
carrot cake
chocolate cherry chestnut cake
cherry pie
cream cheese frosting
sweet crepes
crusty white bread (bread machine)
date nut bread
fruit buckle
Gramercy Tavern gingerbread
whole wheat bread (bread machine)
key lime pie
ultimate chewy oatmeal cookies
peach cobbler
Cuisinart pie crust
plum pie with streusel topping
lemon tart
Alex's waffle recipe
whole wheat pita bread
sweet biscuits for strawberry shortcake
stollen (German holiday sweet bread)

Side Dishes

Madras-style curry powder
daikon carrot pickle
Turkish yogurt/garlic sauce
pico de gallo (salsa)
basic piquant tartar sauce

Everything Else

how we prep ginger root